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    About Us

    about us

    About Us

    Suzhou Industrial Park Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Precision Electronics") was formally established in March 2005. It is a professional component agent and program provider. After its establishment, the company has realized the regional to national transformation. It has formed a business pattern with Suzhou as the center, Ningbo, Hefei, Xi'an, Tianjin and Shenzhen as offices, and Hong Kong and Taiwan as offices overseas.

    Suzhou Jingdian has a complete and mature product chain of components. It has the ability to provide integrated supply for new energy vehicles, automotive electronics, LED lighting, household appliances, communications, consumer electronics, computers and other customers. The company is committed to becoming a "world-class electronic component agent and solution provider", providing value-added services such as one-stop purchasing and collaborative design for all customers.

    Over the years of experience, let us understand that customers need not only electronic components, but also professional technical support and more rapid, fast and thoughtful service. We understand that our customers need more reasonable prices, accurate and fast delivery, and high-quality service in order to keep pace with the leading technology peers of the times. "Carefully creating products, sincerely serving customers and gaining customers'trust" is the goal we have been pursuing.

    We have been working hard!

    New Energy Department

    Suzhou Jingdian New Energy Business Department has been focusing on new energy vehicle safety technology and product system solutions. We can provide DC high-voltage fuses, maintenance switches, high-voltage connectors and high-voltage wire harness assembly, current Hall sensors, high-precision low-temperature drift resistors, high-power resistors and sensors for new energy vehicles.

    We are constantly improving the high-end product line in the field of new energy automobiles, so as to ensure that Suzhou Jingdian New Energy Business Department provides you with competitiveness in the world.

    LED Business Department

    Under the global situation of vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively responding to climate change, LED lighting has opened a new era of human lighting. Precision Electronics LED Division has a rich and complete product line, which can provide LED driver chip, LED beads, transistors, fuses, varistors, inductors, magnetic beads, resistance capacitors and other products to meet customer one-stop purchase needs.

    Electrical Appliances Department

    With the rapid development of cloud computing and Internet of Things technology, household appliances products in our life, from the original popularity has begun to develop towards intelligent home, household appliances products have shown a trend of collective intelligence.

    The Electrical Appliances Division is dedicated to the research and development of intelligent control boards for household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, coffee machines, soybean milk machines, rice cookers and the supply of electronic components. It can satisfy customers'one-stop purchase of electronic components products.

    Supporting Services

    Customer satisfaction is our greatest value realization, adhering to the concept of carefully building products and sincerely serving customers, in order to solve customer decentralized procurement, in order to improve customer efficiency and reduce costs for their own responsibility. Utilizing the diversification of the company's purchasing materials, we can provide our customers with R&D and trial production BOM matching orders and the matching services of purchasing electronic materials on behalf of customers.

    In addition, the company has a subsidiary material division, which can provide customers with a comprehensive shielding, insulation solutions, and can provide customers with incoming materials processing. The main products are insulating sheet, silicone rubber, heat dissipating silicone film, tape and so on.

    In the future, we will continue to strive to provide customers with better, more comprehensive and faster services, and work with customers and partners to "collaborate and win-win" to create a better future.

    Major customers

    Automotive Electronics


    Lighting Energy


    Consumer Electronics


    Household Appliances










    Contact us

    12 Lianfa Park, 199 Tongyuan Road, Suzhou Park
    Suzhou Headquarters(Tel):0512-67077361

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